How search engine works

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How Search Engine Works

 search engine works


Before doing or even thinking of doing SEO then the first thing that comes to your mind is search engine and ranking. Ranking on search engines is a tough job but we at GeoSoftech one of the best SEO companies in Pune, know the secret to crack it.

You may or might not know about the search engine and how it works, so let us help you in knowing everything and how we will be helping you.

What is a Search Engine?

The search engine is a platform where users come and search for their queries or any kind of problems and the search engine comes up with the most relevant answers to solve their queries.

It has been reported that “Almost 90% of users use Google as a platform for searching”. This brings more focus on Google as a search engine. We are the leading SEO Company in Pune and we are more focused on doing SEO around google as this is the most preferred choice of a mass audience.

Understanding how Search Engine Works

Don’t get surprised if I tell you that more than 2 trillion searches happen on google per year as stated by 99firms. Yes, this data is huge, and this brings more importance to work on SEO to rank higher on search results pages and get maximum traffic.

The numbers are huge and in order to reach the top out of this chunk, you can look for the best SEO agency in Pune i.e Geosoftech.

How do Search Engine Works

Search Engine working is a complex computer program which takes lots of calculation in the back end to display the best results.

The search engine ranking algorithms have evolved and have become very complex. Now, there are over 255 rules which need to be considered while making any decision by Google’s ranking algorithm.

As we are the leading SEO company in Pune, we have professionals working with us that can help you in getting results.

What does it take to show the right result to users? Let’s break down this into 3 phases ie.

  1. Crawling –  The process of discovering the information
  2. Indexing – Organizing the information
  3. Ranking – Ranking the organized information

Phase 1 – Crawling

As we know that search engines store huge data to digest and read, doing them manually is a tough job so to make it easy they use spiders or crawlers. These are computer programs that go over your content that is available to the public on the internet.

To make this complicated process super easy, spiders or crawlers scan the internet and the servers hosting websites which are also known as web servers. They create a list of all the web servers that need to be crawled and after that, they start their assigned task.

This is not a one time process, they track your changes continuously and whenever new links are added or old pages are deleted, updating is done in the backend.

Let us understand the crawling process.
When writing content on your website then our first concern is that the content gets access to the public. Before reaching out to the audience, the content has to be read by crawlers. If they cannot read your website, then don’t expect a higher ranking on search result pages.

Our experts make sure that your website is easily visible to the crawlers. We have SEO experts working with us and helping us become the leading SEO agency in Pune.

Let’s discuss some of the tasks which we help you in optimizing to make fast and easy access to your website.

Make use of Robots.txt to specify which pages of your website you want to give access so that crawlers can crawl and read your content. 

Leverage Webmaster tools Do you know that every search engine platform like Google and Bing has special tools like Webmaster tools, where you can share more information about your website so that if they don’t find themselves then you direct them to crawl your content.

Make use of XML sitemap It is a list of all the important pages on your website which you can use to guide crawlers so that it can monitor the right content for changes and which to ignore.

Phase 2- Indexing

Information is identified by the crawlers but now it needs to be sorted in an organized way. This organization is done so that search engine algorithms can process it easily before making it available to the users publicly. This way of organizing is called Indexing.

Storing all the data of the web page is quite a tedious task so search engines store limited information relating to web pages such as date of creation or date when content was updated. It also stores information like title, description, content type, linked keywords, links on a webpage, and many more parameters that are required by algorithms to put your content on priority on the search list. When it comes to choosing the best then you might be getting confused by seeing so many SEO agencies. Right? Well, Our Company is one of the best SEO companies and we help out our clients by making their websites indexed in a short span of time.

The chances to appear on search engines will be higher if you have more pages in the search index.

Phase 3 – Ranking

The search engine ranks your content on the website by deciding the quality and relevancy of the content with the query put up by the user.
We make sure that your content has the required keywords that the users search most.

Multiple algorithms work together and rank your content accordingly on the list. It all depends on the information user is searching for and what data to show the user.

Let us understand all this through a few simple steps, here is a process of how search engine ranking factors work:

Step 1: Analyzing User Query, which includes analyzing user queries.

Next Step 2: Search for matching pages, here it matches the query with relevant pages.

Step 3: Display relevant content, here the appropriate result pages are shown.

The main motive of the search engine is to deliver the quality result in one go, this is why search engines show the best and most accurate results in the first link.

We are one of the best SEO companies in Pune and our prime focus on helping our clients rank 1st on Google.


Understanding SEO is very important for everyone as it can help you better your website and rank on the search engines.
The decisions made in the past might not be perfect but you can always start fresh. As the SEO might take 6 months or more for ranking yourself on google.

GeoSoftech is one of the best Seo companies in Pune and can help you rank higher than your competitors.

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