5 Actionable Technical SEO Factors To Improve Ranking


Technical SEO

Technical SEO are the third important type in SEO. Technical SEO is the important part in whole SEO.

These refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling & indexing phase. technical seo help your website indexing without any problem.

Technical SEO main goal is optimize the structure of website. Technical SEO is the essential pillar in SEO.

5 Important Factors of Technical SEO.

1)Optimize Robot txt file:-
  Robot txt  file known as “robot exclusion protocol “robot txt file webmaster create for instruct  web robots(search engine robot).

Robot txt is the (web crawling software) can or can not   crawl parts website.txt file instruct the crawl pages.

2)speed up load time:-
Page speed is the important green signal of search engines.
  •There are simple ways  you can make speed up your site
1)Optimize all images of website, use small sizes of images in site.
2)Use fast hosting.
3)Install w3 total cache plugin.
4)Remove extra  CSS and JAVASCRIPT files.
5)Use Https Domain for your site.

3)Keep site Mobile friendly:-
  Mobile friendly site is the essential factor in SEO. It important to Our website should look good in all device.
5 steps to make site mobile friendly
1)make  your site responsive in design.
2)Compress all images
3)Include the viewport meta tag
4)Use large font  sizes
5)Use AMP plugin in site.

4)Create Xml sitemap
sitemap is a XML file that lists the  url’s for a site.

XML  Sitemap is file that helps crawl all these pages of our website, and then index these pages in search engines.

5 steps to create XML sitemap

1) First verify your website in Google search console.
2)Use meta tag code for verify.
3)Paste these code in head section of website then verify site.
4)Click on Sitemap.
5) Type  Xml Sitemap.index and click submit sitemap successfully.

5)enabling  AMP plugin:
  Amp helps SEO. The main benefit of Amp is site speed.
Amp make your site speed fast.
(accelerated mobile pages) will benefit your user.

How to enable amp in website
1)Log in the wordpress  dashboard.
2)click add new plugin option.
3)choose right amp plugin.
4)click install


These  factor helps your ranking fast on search engine. Technical SEO optimize your website for crawling &indexing. sure these factor are very useful for SEO process.

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