How many types of SEO are there in 2020.

   There are main three categories of SEO.On page SEO,Off page SEO,and Technical SEO.These three techniqhes help your improve performance and Ranking in search engine.

on page seo focuses on optimizing pages website. and off page focuses on increasing authority of domain through backlinks.

1.on page SEO page SEO

3.Technical SEO

   There are three types of SEO.At helping you optimize your content for more rediability and Ranking.

How many types of SEO are there in 2020
Advanced three types of SEO

  Advanced Three Types Of SEO

The on page SEO activities include keyword into good quantity,High quality heading,attrative titles, Internal linking, meta tag, meta discription, optimize images, customize url & most importantly providing the users with unique content.

On page is the first step to crawl our website for ranking.Is process to make our article good for indexing.

The activities included in the off page SEO.Include sharing the post,commentings on the blogs, linking the Post on social media,share content,Submitting url in directories,answering the quries on the sites,sending reply on the forums.

Off page SEO Off site seo is second important type in ranking.
Off page can improve your rankingLOn Page SEO Techniques.

Latest On Page SEO Techniques

How many types of SEO are there in 2020
On-Page SEO Techniques


On-Page Seo are on site seo techniques to improve seo ranking .
On page is the first greatful point in seo.On page is the process to optimize our content ,page titles, meta discription, linking,images al text,permalinks,heading and subheading,sitemap. The two types of SEO techniques are improve rank.

1)optimize Title Tags-

Title tag is the used to specify the title of the website.this title is the clickable text to displayed in the result as the title of website.

Optimizing The Title tag:
1)The title for each  web pages must be different.
2)Keyword must be present along with page name.
3)The title must have 70 character including spaces.
4)words of the title must be separated by pipeline.
Example  Home| geosoftech|
Keyword 1| keyword 2|

2)Optimize Meta tag:-

The meta tag are the part of website.where you put your keywords.

a)The content must be different to  for each page.must be relevant to that page.
b)meta tag  must have a 140 character.
c)Used a keywords in meta tag.

3)Heading tag:-

Html has 6 heading tag from h1 to h6.The most important heading is h1 and the least important is h6.

  Each page must have at least one h1.h1 is used to highlight the most  important keyword or title in the web page.

4)Optimize Alt tag:-

  The alt (alt attribute)is used to describe  what the image is.This alt displayed in the place of the image.
Keyword can be used in alt tag the maximize the visibilty of the site.

5)Url Optimization:-

  Url  stands for  Uniform Resource Locator.
1)Url must have 70 characters.
2)must not contain underscore
3)Must use important keyword in url.

6)fevicon icon:-

The favicon is usually the logo.The letter of the brand and image representing  the business category.
  using a favicon creates brand recongnition and sense of the credibility and trust b among the visitors.

7)optimize Website speed:-

   Website speed is the effective factor in Types of ‘SEO’ loading time affect your content.improve your loading speed in the help of plugin.

Tips to optimize the website speed:-
1)minify the CSS & Javascript files
2)plugin should be avoided.
3)never use inline styles.
4)Use Amp in your website to optimize speed.
5)Optimize Your website every images.

8)Link building:-

   Link building refers to  the techniques of  linking website pages with external pages.
these links are one of the factors in determining  the rank of the website.

Links are classified into 3 categories

1)Internal link:-

Internal linking webpages together are called internal links.internal link helps the search engine to crawl the  site and  determine priority of pages.

2)Outbound links :-

The links present on your website to pointing to other pages is called outbound link
eg.Social networking account links present  on your site.

3)Inbound Link:-

 The links coming from  other domain to your website are inbound link.The links  coiming from the site of the  higher page rank helps the boosting the page rank of your web page. 

9) Generate Sitemaps:-


   The  sitemap is a list containing all the url’s  of the  website. There are principally two types of sitemaps;

There are two types of sitemap:

1)Html sitemap
2)Xml sitemap

1)Html Sitemap:-

 Html sitemap is the separate web page present on the site for easy user nevigation.

2)Xml sitemap:-

   Xml sitemap is the important for xml sitemap to submit your url in search engines for indexing.

How many types of seo are there in 2020.
                    Xml Sitemap

10) Create Robot Txt File:-


  Google can’t index web pages without txt file. google bot visit our website.we ask first permission to crawl by attempting to retrive robots txt file.

  Is a file Which  informs to search engine not to crawl or index to file mentioned.

  Add robot txt code in your website it is important for indexing and crawling Off Page SEO Factor:-

Top Off Page SEO Techniques 2020

How many types of seo are there in 2020.
      off -Page SEO techniques


Link building is the major part of the off page seo.high quality links helps to increase your page submission,blog commenting,listing,factors of the off page SEO.


1)Page Rank:

Page rank is a link anlysis algorithm.used by the search engine to determine the quality & quantity  of the links present on the website.
  The page rank of the site can be increased by  quality backlinks by
Directory submission,social bookmarking etc.

2)Directory Submission:-

   Each website has detailes such ad keywords,discription ,domain submitted with them to find them in
the directory.

Benefits of the directory submission

1)one way link
2)improve keyword ranking
3)fast indexing.
  Directory submission is the important part of link building.


  Blogging is the best way to promote the website.

Blog has 2 benefits
1)Blogs provide a way to interact the people/user by providing  information to  them.

2)blog bring more traffic throngh the organic Search results .

Submit your blog in blog directories or blog search engine.

3)Blog Commenting:-

  Blog commenting is the niche blogs  increase traffic to your can comment on blogs or ask questions.
  Commenting may  lead to converstion which leads to relationship between blogger and commenter.

4)Forum submission:-

   Forum is an online  discussion site where people from  community and discuss /converse  with each other through the  posted message.
   You can reply to queries put by other in community or ask a question.
   Being active in your community and giving advice/ answer to other can build your reputation as an expert.

5)Social Bookmarking:-

  Social bookmarking is the best way to creating  backlinks to the site.
You can bookmark /submit your blogs,pages,content on bookmarking sites such ad stumple upon,reddit,etc.
These bookmarking sites crawled daily hence your site may also get crawled frequently.

How many types of seo are there in 2020.

6)Image submission:-

   You can also promote your images photos placed in your site.
  Photobucket,picasa,flicker are major sites to submit your photos.

  By placing a link on the photos.
You can also create backlinks to which directs a user to the site when clicked.

How many types of seo are there in 2020.

7)Video Marketing:-

   Nowdays videous have become more reachable than text.

  A good video can retain user attention , and has more chanes to being shared and bookmarked.
   They can be easily embedded in site to provide consistint experience.
Videous is the best solution content of problem.videous better than a text.
Youtube,vimeo etc are some site to submit your videous.

8)Local listing:-

  The listing of website under the is specific category is local listing
The local listings helps to promote your company in its local region.

  Submitting a sites in this listing to helps to search engine to find and view them better.

  submitting in places google maps,yahoo local,just dial eg will help to reach targeted audience.

9)Article submission:-

  Article submission helps you gain traffic as well as  link from other site to your site.

It is also one way to promote your content on sites likes Quora,Reddit etc.

  Submitting the article in directory such as the Go article,Enzine articles eg.

10)Question answer sites submission:-

 Question answerd sites are the best way  to generate backlinks.         

You can answer a question of  your niche.You can place a link to the site.
  These sites act as a great source of can ask your queries here or can also answer  questions asked by others., sites to sub mit your answer question on the site.

How many types of seo are there in 2020.

Important Elements of Techical SEO

How many types of seo are there in 2020.
              Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website for the crawling & indexing phase.this is the essential pillar of SEO.

1)Optimize Robot txt file:-

   Robot txt  file known as “robot exculsion protocol”robot txt file webmaster create for instruct  web robots(search engine robot).

Google can’t index web pages without txt file. google bot visit our website.we ask first permission to crawl by attempting to retrive robots txt file.

Is a file Which  informs to search engine not to crawl or index to file mentioned.

2)speed up load time:-

   Page speed is the important green signal of search engines.

  Website speed is the effective factor in Types of  ‘SEO’ loading time affect your content.improve  your loading speed in the help of plugin.

  •There are simple ways  you can make speed up your site

1)Optimize all images of website,use small sizes of images in site.
2)Use fast hosting.
3)Install w3 total cache plugin.
4)Remove extra  css and javascript files.
5)Use Https Domain for your site.

3)Keep site Mobile friendly:-

  Mobile friendly site is the essential factor of technical is important to Our website should look good in all device.
5 steps to make site mobile friendly
1)make  your site reponsive in design.
2)Compress all images
3)Include the viewport meta tag
4)Use large font  sizes
5)Use AMP plugin in site.

4)Create  Xml sitemap:-

  sitemap is a XML file that lists the  urls for a site.

XML  Sitemap is file that helps crawl all these pages of our website,and then index these pages in search engines.

Easy 5 steps to create XML sitemap

1) First verify your website in Google search console.
2)Use meta tag code for verify.
3)Paste these code in head section of website then verify site.
4)Click on Sitemap.
5) Type Xml_sitemap_idex  and click submit sitemap sucessfully.

5)Accesiable AMP :-

    Amp helps SEO. The main benefit of Amp is site speed.
Amp make your site speed fast.
(accelerated mobile pages) will benefit your user.

How to enable amp in website
1)Log in the wordpress dashboard.
2)click add new plugin option.
3)choose right amp plugin.
4)click install

These technical SEO factor helps your ranking fast on search engine.
Technical SEO optimize your website for crawling ,indexing.maje sure these factor are very useful for SEO process.


SEO is the online marketing techniques which is used to get higher ranking  on top s of the s earch engine  result. On page SEO techniques optimize web pages of page SEO techniques increase domain and page authority


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