What Is Web Development In Simple Words.

Website Development

What is Web Development In Simple Words web development means building and maintenance  of website’s.web development is the work involved in developing website for internet.(world wide web)

how it works is an interesting question that can be answered using web development introduction.

First, let us define web development. As a person begins to learn about web development, he/she gets curious about the process of developing websites and wants to know more about it.

Defination of web development In Simple Words.

The definition of web development is based on the techniques used in developing websites. We find that web development works through the use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other coding languages.

There are numerous people that develop web pages. They have different skills and abilities, which are used to develop web pages.

To better understand what is . it is helpful to first find out what HTML is. The primary purpose of HTML is to provide ways to display and transmit data from a web page.

It can be found on almost every website. An important component of HTML is known as script tags. These tags are used to enable the website to display the contents.

What is web development also include the use of CSS, or styles. CSS is basically a language used to define the appearance of a certain part of a website.

The main purpose of CSS is to allow the owner of a website to create the overall appearance of the website. After finding out CSS, you will discover that it is also used for the right and left alignment of different elements in a webpage.

Importance Of CSS language

The next thing to look into what is web development is about the development tools. The development tools help in the actual creation of a website.

These tools work to build and design the website according to a specific outline and can be found in Microsoft word or the Apple iWork Pages. It is always useful to have a tool that you can use to design the website.

What web development also includes the use of web hosting. Web hosting enables a person to have a website with a server from which visitors can access the website. In addition, web hosting is usually free or cheaper than a dedicated server.

Although, there are dedicated servers, but they cost a lot and may not be a good optionfor many businesses

Programming languages of web development.

What is web development can also include programming languages. There are many programming languages that are used to create websites.

Some of these languages are Java, PHP, ASP, HTML, Perl, etc. In addition, there are also some programming languages that are used in server-side programming. This is the programming language that helps the website to connect to a web server and receive the requests that come from the visitors.


The next thing to find out about what is There are two types of hosting that you can choose from. They are: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

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